Bench Players – Episode #10 – Sandoval Agency

Bench Players – Episode #10

How do you define perfection? 

The dictionary defines perfection as “conforming to the description or definition of an ideal type,” which leaves it up to us to determine our own interpretation of perfection. Even if you look at the synonyms of the word perfection it shows words like “excellent” and “impeccable,” but something that’s excellent in your eyes may not be “perfect” in another’s. 

At the end of the day, whatever your version of perfection is, is it beneficial to strive for that ideal? Like most things in life: it depends. 

In this episode of Bench Players, the Sandoval partners explore the idea of striving for perfection in personal endeavors and professional projects. While each partner may have different interpretations of what perfection, they each agree on one thing. In the words of Gil’s MMA coach, “We aren’t looking for perfection, we’re looking for improvement.”