Bench Players – Episode #18 – Sandoval Agency

Bench Players – Episode #18

Sandoval Origin Stories

At Sandoval Agency our mission is this: We strive to create work we’re proud of with people who care enough to stand out. 

Behind Sandoval Agency is a diverse, creative, and incredibly talented team of individuals that make that mission possible. Our team is full of risk taking, hard working, passionate creatives that strive every day to create remarkable work. And now we want to share their stories with you.  

This is Origin Stories, an ongoing series within the Bench Players podcast, that shares the stories, backgrounds, and creative journeys of Sandoval team members. 

In this episode, part one of Origin Stories, you’ll hear from Dan and Gil as they share the origin story of Sandoval Agency as well as their own origin stories before the agency was born. 

Please enjoy this episode of Bench Players: Origin Stories!