Bench Players – Episode #19 – Sandoval Agency

Bench Players – Episode #19

Origin Stories with Evan Yuen

Welcome back to Origin Stories, an ongoing series within the Bench Players podcast that shares the stories, backgrounds, and creative journeys of Sandoval Agency team members. 

Today on the show is talented musician and graphic designer, Evan Yuen. Evan has an extensive background in music starting out playing for Church, to joining his first band in high school, then eventually traveling internationally opening for bands like Bon Jovi and The Afters. The people he met within the music industry eventually led to him getting a job in social media management at Sandoval Agency, and then working his way into graphic design. Now, he’s not only a gifted musician, still occasionally traveling with bands today, but a brilliant graphic designer as well. On top of all of his talents, he’s an easy going, humble, and bright person who we are so lucky to have on our team.  

Please enjoy this episode of Bench Players: Origin Stories!