Bench Players – Episode #21 – Sandoval Agency

Bench Players – Episode #21

Origin Stories with Yoalli Sánchez

Welcome back to Origin Stories, an ongoing series within the Bench Players podcast that shares the stories, backgrounds, and creative journeys of Sandoval team members.

Today on the show we are so excited to have with us Digital Marketing Specialist, Yoalli Sánchez. Yoalli grew up and studied graphic design in Cancun, Mexico. After getting her degree she worked as a graphic designer in Mexico City for 8 years before moving to Arizona and switching her career to marketing with Sandoval Agency.

In this episode Yoalli shares her story of how she worked her way up in design and eventually made the shift from design to marketing. Yoalli, Mani and Gil discuss what it means to “fake it til’ you make it,” the importance of keeping yourself open to new opportunities, and the key to success: work your ass off and have confidence in yourself. Yoalli also touches on the importance of mental health and having a good work life balance. Yoalli is not only a huge asset to Sandoval Agency and the marketing team, but she’s also a great friend with an amazing sense of humor, immense talent, and a warm, inviting energy. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

We hope you enjoy this episode of Bench Players: Origin Stories! And don’t forget to give Yoalli a follow on Instagram @yoalli.sanchez