Bench Players – Episode #3 – Sandoval Agency

Bench Players – Episode #3

Talking Criticism with Seth Wells

Episode #03 – Receiving criticism on a professional or personal level is challenging for anyone, let alone entrepreneurs who are trying to create something unique and original. Co-founder and CCO of Palette Collective, Seth Wells, is one of those entrepreneurs and has received his fair share of criticism throughout the erection of his business, a fully customizable studio space that offers attainable commercial real estate to passionate small business owners.

In this episode of the Bench Players Podcast, the Sandoval Agency founders and Seth Wells discuss their experiences with criticism as entrepreneurs, musicians, and individuals. Before you let it build you up or tear you down, it’s important to assess who is giving you criticism and what their motive is. Are they being constructive, or critical for the sake of being critical? Along the way Seth shares the origin story of Palette Collective, the marketing process, and how he uses criticism to motivate him and his business.

Please enjoy this episode of the Bench Players Podcast!