Bench Players – Episode #4 – Sandoval Agency

Bench Players – Episode #4

Talking Strategy

Episode #04 – As creatives, it’s tempting to dive head first into the design and execution of every project as your mind is flooded with great ideas. But it is absolutely crucial that the first step is always strategy. Before you come up with creative ideas, you must first build a solid framework to create from. Business objectives should drive your creative work, not just creative ideas. 

In this episode of the Bench Players Podcast, the Sandoval Agency founders sit down to discuss the importance of taking a strategic approach to all creative projects. They analyze the benefits of having a sound strategy, from projects that are on brand and on message to having confidence when you pitch your work to clients. On the other hand, they examine why creative without strategy doesn’t succeed in accomplishing business objectives and appealing to the target audience. 

Please enjoy this episode of the Bench Players Podcast!