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Help us restore La Casa de Gracia

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, the Sandoval family has supported a children’s orphanage in Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala for over 20 years. Our family’s dream was to one day own and operate the orphanage. Through our learnings and God’s guidance, this same dream has transformed into owning and operating a school; one that would eventually teach local children a trade, giving them an option other than gangs, drugs, or prostitution. Two years ago, this dream started to come to life. Instead of retiring, our parents, Hoceas & Lorena Sandoval, sold most of their belongings and moved to Guatemala to begin their full-time mission. Through much adversity, a small house was acquired and converted to a school/church. They named it Casa de Gracia (House of Grace). It started with 3 students and is currently supporting 31 students ranging from the ages of 5-14. Casa de Gracia has become a safe haven in the darkness of Puerto Barrios, an escape from the constant reminder of hopelessness; a literal house of grace and hope.

2020 hit all of us pretty hard. Unfortunately, Casa de Gracia was no exception. The Covid-19 outbreak was met with an immediate lock down with zero regard for how the average Guatemalan would feed themselves and their families. The military was deployed and threats of being shot if anyone left their homes began. Hoceas & Lorena took it upon themselves to ignore these threats and began to deliver food/supplies to anyone who was in need, until they themselves contracted Covid-19. On top of this, Puerto Barrios was hit with two hurricanes, Iota and Eta. Many homes were flooded and lost. The little school/church still stands but it is severely damaged. Lives in the Casa de Gracia community have been changed with seemingly no hope of ever going back to “normal”. Hoceas & Lorena had to leave Puerto Barrios and are currently in Guatemala City while they figure out their next steps.

This is where WE come in. I am traveling to Guatemala to remind our parents and the Casa de Gracia community that they are not alone. We want them to know that they have friends and family  in America that care about them. I’m writing this to ask for your prayers and your support as we raise $25,000 to help this small community through this difficult time. 

Here are the big needs:

  • 9 families need new homes
  • Medical Supplies
  • School supplies for 31 kids
  • Bags of Rice and Beans for 20 families for the next 3 months
  • A small truck to help bring in supplies from the capital
  • New desks and chairs for 31 students
  • Shoes and clothes 20 families (@80 children/@30 adults)

I know this year has been difficult for many reasons, but if you can help, any amount would be greatly appreciated. To get funds there as quickly as possible we’re asking to send funds via PayPal using the button below

If you have any questions pls contact me directly at

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and God bless.

Your friend,

Gil & The Sandoval Family


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