Bench Players – Episode #6 – Sandoval Agency

Bench Players – Episode #6

Talking Work Culture

Episode #06 – At Sandoval Agency, we believe that when you surround yourself with great people, great things are bound to happen. That’s why we take our work culture seriously. But how does an organization go about building a strong work culture? What are the benefits? The Sandoval Agency partners sit down to talk all things work culture, from how a positive environment allows your team to perform better, to why you should define, from the very beginning, what you want your work culture to look like.

It takes time to create a culture of encouragement and grace, and sometimes it takes a little outside help. Sandoval Agency would like to thank Horst Schulze for his support through developing a strong mission and vision statement so that the Sandoval team could align and all be a part of the same vision, together.

Learn more about Horst Schulze and his book, Excellence Wins, at his website:

Please enjoy this episode of the Bench Players Podcast!